The Harmony 25 is the perfect boat for elegant relaxed cruising. Eight people can enjoy a peaceful boat ride and a built in table for four is great for nautical dining. She is quiet enough to enjoy conversation with classical music in the background or to sneak up on a heron. There is no engine noise, exhaust fumes or vibration.

Her hull is so slippery that she only consumes a tiny bit of energy; top speed with the seven hp motor is 8.5 mph and two hp is all that is needed to cruise at five mph. The batteries will provide 30 miles range at this speed. Plug the boat into a regular 120v household outlet and recharge the batteries overnight for about $1.00.

Every aspect of the boat is engineered for high performance and low maintenance. The hull is a composite of cedar strips sandwiched between layers of fiberglass set in epoxy. The decks are Dynel cloth/epoxy but look just like old time canvas. There is just enough varnished wood to accent the sleek lines. Wear surfaces on the seats and floor are oiled Garapa, a Brazilian hardwood similar to teak in hardness and weather resistance. The inevitable dirt and scuffs can be washed off and a quick wipe down with teak oil will restore the wood to like new condition.

Best of all - the electric drive system requires no more maintenance than your cell phone. Just plug it in to recharge. A built in smart charger takes care of the premium AGM batteries, which never need water nor give off toxic fumes. No oil changes, no tune ups, no winterizing. Just plug it in. Really!