The Harmony 25 is equipped with six 12 volt, 100 amp hour Concorde Lifeline deep cycle marine batteries. These are Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) lead acid construction. AGM batteries have several advantages over standard wet lead acid batteries:

1) They are sealed so do not need water added periodically. This means no maintenance plus the batteries do not need to be readily accessible thus permitting a more flexible interior design.

2) They have less internal resistance so are more tolerant of rapid charge and discharge. This makes more of the battery's total energy available at typical cruising speeds.

3) They have a much slower self-discharge rate so can be left untended for months without going dead.

4) Even without maintenance they last longer than conventional batteries. Concorde rates them for 500 cycles at 80% depth of discharge and 1000 cycles at 50% depth of discharge. They could easily last eight to ten years or more in normal service.

There are three batteries under the cockpit table, one under the fore deck and one under each of the side seats.


Drive System Compartment

1. EPIC Whisper speed control box. The throttle joystick creates an input signal for speed and direction. This device creates the three phase alternating current waveform to drive the motor in the intended speed and direction. It also has several safety features such as the motor won't start if the key is turned on when the joystick is not in the neutral position and the power will automatically cut back if the unit overheats.
2. Main circuit breaker/switch to isolate battery voltage from all electronics.
3. Sevcon 12/72 converter. This steps down the 72 volt battery output to 12 volts for the lights and stereo.
4. Fuse panel for 12v circuits.
5. Delta-Q Battery charger. Regular household 120v A/C input, 1000 watt output to charge 72 volt battery bank. The charger is programmed by Delta-Q specifically for the 12v AGM batteries. It can be left plugged in indefinitely and can recharge the batteries in about 8 hours.
6. Motor well.
7. Power tilt actuator. A switch on the dashboard raises and lowers the motor. A safety release will allow the motor to kick up if it strikes an underwater object.